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6533, our brick and mortar's namesake polish shade is named after our address here at Vapid. HQ. A grape toned, jelly feel to this stunner with fire and light taking the main stage in shift and flake form. The beautiful aurora-like shift dances red to gold to green with little effort as do the big beautiful flakes in the same color morph. The base and shimmering shift complement each other in a way begs to be noticed.
This shade has been in store from the day we opened and she's been asked for! We are so eager to introduce her to you. Bold, a touch of darkness, and full of sheer will and downright hypnotic.
As with all of our polish, we create, blend and pour every bottle by hand, in-house. Our shades are 5 Free and have great wear time!
We always recommend a top coat for maximum effect and wear time.