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Hydrosols can be used as a natural, chemical free toner, setting spray, or mid day refresher. 
Hydrosols are a byproduct of the essential oil distillation process, leaving trace amounts of the precious oils behind. Hydrosols are a safe alternative to direct skin application of Essential Oils.
Most hydrosols do carry a faint fragrance of the essential oils that they are originally a part of, without the risk of potential irritation.
Our freshly distilled hydrosols do carry this light fragrant essence, making them very natural and pleasant smelling.
Any fragrance in these hydrosols is naturally occurring. 
You will receive one 2 ounce bottle with a fine mist sprayer.

Rose- All skin types, best for acne

Rose Geranium - For Oily skin types. The strongest in fragrance of the bunch, not for dry skin! 

Plantain Leaf - Soothing and for all skin types, for normal to dry skin.

Lavender - Calming, the hydrosol is great for spraying on pillows, linens and yourself in the morning or evening. For all skin types, known to calm the skin, body, and senses. 

Sweet Grass - Thought to be uplifting, and to bring positivity. Great for all skin types. Another one for the linens as well.