Grape Stomp

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Grape Stomp V-3

Our Favorite Purple Polish!!! This shade is a deep, and undaunting grape Holographic lacquer. The holographic effect in this shade shows off in a fantastic blue flame with rainbows in the edges. One of our Original holos (along with WHF), and still one of our most stunning… in our opinion. This shade has been reformulated and is less sheer than before, meaning less coats are needed for full opacity. We recommend 1 to 2 coats, though again if painting thin, 3 might be needed. This polish Will Stain Actylic and Gel builds, it is possible for staining of natural nails as well. A great base coat may help with this and we haven’t seen it on our own natural nails, though bare in mind, it is possible. We are also seeing that our QDTC doesn’t effect the holo effect as much with this version, though if your top coat is dulling that sparkle, a very thin coat over the top will fix it.


 2-3 coats for full coverage, and a high shine top coat really makes this one show off it’s full potential.
As with all of our polish, we create, blend and pour every bottle by hand, in-house.
Our shades are 5 Free and have great wear time!
We always recommend a top coat for maximum effect and wear time.