Sugar Scrub

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Sugar Scrub

Another multi-tasker! 
A scrub for hand and body exfoliation, or you can use it to shave. Grab a bit from the jar, about a 1" ball, scrub until the sugar dissolves, and then you have microfine bubbly shaving cream... and very smooth, primed skin. 
Smooth skin makes for a flawless shave.
This is a soap based scrub, meaning that it's cleansing and doesn't leave you oily. 
It may be a bit different than your typical scrub, it's firm and almost moldable. 
Making it easy to handle, it'd not runny, and there is no oily residue in the tub or on you.

Available Scents:

Polynesian Getaway- Pineapple juice all over everything! Acai Mango Zest, Tart Passion Fruit, Yuzu zest, Green Apple, Orchid Leaves, and musky bottom notes.

Mermaid Tears- Coconut splashed with lemon and orange notes, juicy and almost salty.

Sex on the Peach- a subtle twist on the typical Peaches and cream. A heavenly, creamy note of nutty coconut milk mingles with juicy ripe peaches.

Star Showers- effervescent orange and grapefruit with notes of white grape, lime, and a dash of cognac. It's clean, fresh, fruity, and so fun.

Watermelon Lemonade- An excellent lemonade just in time for spring! Fresh, juicy watermelon blended with our favorite lemonade.

Gardenia- This scent is one that is close to our hearts. True, fresh, and in bloom. Sweet floral.

Vanilla Passionfruit- Smooth and fruity vanilla dancing with tropical passionfruit. A summertime necessity!

Live Deliciously- Salted caramel, pistachio notes, and creamy maple frolic with a hint of citrus and blanket of vanilla and beach woods.

Let’s Summon Demons- A fascinating scent, gentle, dusky breezes and smoke, with notes of dried, wind-blown leaves, heliotrope, charred woods of pine and cedar, amber, smoky sandalwood, musk, and a spike of sweet cherries. A soft and sweet background containing hints of roasted marshmallows, coconut, soft vanilla, and brown sugar.

*Beaches & Bonfires- If you love Waikiki, you’re in for a twist! This one combines Waikiki and the smokey qualities of LSD. Beachy coconut, ripe Oahu dragonfruit, roasted marshmallows, Hawaiian sandalwood, and cool saltwater breezes. A strong middle layer of passion flower, frangipani and jasmine. Heady bottom notes of dusky breezes and smoke, with notes of dried, wind-blown leaves, heliotrope, charred and sun bleached woods of pine and cedar, amber, and musk. It’s a lot of notes, and they dance incredibly well together.

*Tonka Bean- This is usually a mixer that I would use in other scents, but it’s deliciously smooth on it’s own. Soft and almost rugged, this scent is surprising in it’s warmth. A warm blend of warm amber, soft notes of patchouli, musk, bergamot, and lily of the valley. This isn’t a truly floral scent, it’s very balanced.

*Tropical Depression- A storm of juiciness crashing to the shoreline, oranges, black plums, mixed berries, red apple, mango, papaya, and sweet pineapple drenched in chilled red wine.

As a Jaye Bird- our unscented option of our products. Fragrance Free!!


Ingredients: Sugar, Glycerin, Water, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sorbitol, Sodium Cocoyl/Lauroyl Isethionate, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Salt, Phenoxyethanol, Tetrasodium EDTA, Kaolin Clay, Fragrance, Micas, FD&C Dyes. 

**Please note that the picture may not reflect a scent that is currently available.**